Selected past grants

Selected past grants and projects:

Grant YearGrantee / ProjectInfoURLRangeArea
2014-2016 GNUnetGNUnet provides a strong foundation of free software for a global, distributed network that provides security and privacy.https://gnunet.orglargetech
2015-2016Activist Hub Berlinoffices and core support for tech activists based in Berlinlargetech / policy / community
2014-2016Tor Anonymization ProjectSupport for Tor and the project; our own Tor exit
2014-2016Library of Freedomour own open library specialized in all aspects of freedom and technologysmallpolicy / community
2016 Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre, CubaConference support (travel)smalltech
2014-2015 fukami Tech policy analyst in Brusselsmediumpolicy
2015Hillhacks IndiaCore support (staff)https://hillhacks.inmediumtech / community / policy
2015Travel grantsother travel grantssmallpolicy / tech / community
2015 Circumvention Tech Festival Conference supportsmalltech / policy
2015Contemporary culture and utopian visionConference supportsmallpolicy / culture
2015Open Source Circular Economy DaysTravel grants for members of OSCEdays
2015Humboldt Law Clinic/PIgrants for students from the Humboldt Law Clinic to attend meetings with Privacy Internationalsmallpolicy
2015Crypto Stick "Pitchfork"Protects sensitive key material using a physical USB token.smalltech
2015Co:llaboratory e.V."OfflineTags" privacy buttons
2014Travel grantsseveralsmalltech
2014Travel grantsseveralsmallpolicy
2014Privacy International/ORGJoint project Privacy International/Open Rights Group UKhttps://www.privacyinternational.orglargepolicy / advocacy
2014La Quadrature du Net La Quadrature du Net defends the rights and freedom of citizens on the Internet.https://www.laquadrature.netsmallpolicy / tech / community
2014Open Knowledge FoundationThe Open Knowledge Foundation Germany advocates open knowledge, open data, transparency, and civil participation.https://okfn.desmallpolicy
2014iRights.infoCore support
2014Stiftung Neue VerantwortungPrivacy Project

Range: small (<10k EUR); medium (<50k EUR); large (>50k EUR)