Renewable Freedom Foundation

Our Mission:

The Renewable Freedom Foundation aims to protect and preserve civil liberties, especially in the digital landscape.

Our Beliefs:

Freedom cannot be taken for granted.

Freedom has not been won for all time. Freedom and civil liberties are under constant pressure. Incessant engagement for civil liberties is essential for the preservation of freedom against the pressure of both political and corporate actors seeking to increase their power. Even greater commitment is necessary in order to advance the cause of freedom and civil liberties in times of fundamental changes such as the rise of digital societies.

The Internet and Digitalization fundamentally change how we experience freedom.

While technological developments in the areas of the internet and digitalization on the one hand have had profoundly positive effects, for example offering great opportunities to advance human rights and human rights activism, on the other hand these same developments have been abused towards the surveillance and tracking of human actions and behaviors.

We promote the preservation and enforcement of basic human rights and civil liberties via our own research programs, through educational and networking activities, counseling, as well as through direct support of civil society initiatives.

Our Approach: